Champion the First Hour of Your Workday

For many of us it's difficult to pull ourselves out of bed the morning, and by the time we walk into the office we're half awake and already overwhelmed by what the day ahead has in store. The first hour of every workday is extremely critical to your success and productivity level for the rest of the day. Everyone has their own way of prioritizing and organizing but if you aim to be successful, Read More >>>

Friday Link Round Up: August 30

We've made it through another week together! Hooray! Even better, it's a holiday weekend! It doesn't get much better than this. Without further ado, here is your Friday link around up. Friday Link Round Up The Outsiders: How Can Millennials Change Washington If They Hate It This article really hits on where Millennial's heads are. We may be portrayed as the ME ME ME generation, but if you Read More >>>

Forget the App, Use Your Desktop

There's an app for everything, but sometimes I feel like more often than not, I get sucked into downloading the hottest new app and then forgetting about it 5 minutes later. If you're one of those people, like me, that is constantly searching for a simple solution to your digital organization needs look no further than your desktop. I pull things off the internet all the time, and then they Read More >>>

Friday Link Round Up: August 16

Happy Friday! I've always been fascinated by what other people read for inspiration. In today's world there is such a wealth of knowledge on the internet, it can be intimidating. Information overload. That's why I've decided to share the wealth! If you're interested in my writing than you'll love what these other bloggers have to say. Here's to an inspired weekend. Friday Link Round Up Read More >>>

Someday is NOT a Day of the Week: Productivity

Someday is not a day of the week. Someday is a Monday response, but today is Tuesday! Congrats you made it through the worst day of the week, now let's strap in and get your productivity pumping to conquer the rest of the week. I am an avid reader of 99U. I think they have fantastic articles and solutions for the young, ambitious professional. Did I mention they're powered by Behance? Great Read More >>>