Entrepreneurial Gravitas

Being an Entrepreneur is hard work and it certainly isn't for everyone. Have you ever met an entrepreneur or even a senior manager and just had a feeling they were (or would be) successful? Chances are you felt an affinity toward this person because they oozed natural authority, or gravitas. Read More >>>

The Struggle Between Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I read a fantastic blog the other day on Full Start called, How to bridge the gap between being a good entrepreneur & a good leader. I guess I never truly thought about the personality differences of an entrepreneur and a leader, but it helped shed light on a few dilemmas I've been experiencing recently. Read More >>>

First is NOT the Worst

Have you ever read an article or watched a commercial for a product or service you dreamt up years ago but someone beat you to the execution? Yeah, me too. On one hand it's validating someone else liked the idea so much they executed on it, but then again, you lost out on a potential life changing idea. Read More >>>