Every once in a while, people like to hand me microphones and have me speak publicly about things. This page is a compilation of the relevant presentations, handouts and worksheets I’ve created. Please feel free to utilize them for personal use. I am always happy to engage in more opportunities. Drop me an email if you’d like to have me speak or present at your next event.

Social Media

To Censor or not to Censor? (Hint: Don’t)
This worksheet covers strategies for handling negative comments on social media. I also outline ways to prevent negative comments from happening in the first place! Check out my presentation deck and download the Censorship Handout.

Tips on Using Social Media to Improve Pitches
This easy to follow guide outlines different ways to use social media for research and outreach to potential new business targets. These tactics can easily be applied to any type of pitch. How to Use Social Media to Personalize and Improve Pitches Guide

Personal Branding

Own Your Social Persona
Keynote presentation given at Fannie Mae to their Women’s Resource Group on September 17, 2014. Check out the presentation slides here.

Building Your Brand: How to Create and Build a Strong Online Presence
This presentation and worksheet combo walks you through strategies on how and why you should build a personal brand. Scroll through the presentation here & download the worksheets here


The Ultimate Monthly Planner
A downloadable organizer I designed to help keep track of life! (and now you can too!) Check out the full month planner here, feel free to use the whole thing or just the pages that appeal to you. Want to see how it works? Read the explanation blog.

More coming soon!

If there is something you don’t see, let me know I just might put something together for you!