Using Social Media to Improve Your Pitch

Social Media is a powerful tool when used correctly. No, I'm not talking about Instagramming your lunch or uploading cat gifs to your friends wall, (even though we all do it.) The phenomenon of archiving our every move makes social media a plethora of information. With a little know-how you can use social media to build relationships and improve cold pitches. Whether you're looking to strike up a Read More >>>

Demand Success: Lessons from Day One

Vocus' Demand Success conference wrapped up Friday afternoon and I'm still digging through all the information I collected, because it was that awesome. Not only did I leave feeling inspired by the speakers but I left with a new sense of purpose, a reading list and new connections in the industry. Demand Success spanned two days and there is no way I could pack that much information into one Read More >>>

Demand Success 2014: Preview

Last year I had the pleasure of attending Vocus' Demand Success 2013 Marketing & PR conference. I can honestly say out of all of the marketing conferences I've attended in the past, Demand Success is the conference you don't want to miss. While many are trying to repackage old tactics and struggle to keep up with digital and mobile trends, Vocus does a fantastic job of bringing together a top Read More >>>

What to do After You Hit Publish

So you wrote a blog post. Awesome. Now what? It may sound obvious, but no one will ever read your blog post or see your article online if you don't put in effort to share your work. Take responsibility for your blog success by learning how and where to promote your work across the internet. Read More >>>

Common Mistakes New Managers Make

At some point in our professional lives we move up the ladder and become managers. Managing other people other than yourself is difficult. The best employee can be the worst manager. Just because someone has the ability to complete projects themselves does not mean they have the capacity to manage others. Whether you just landed a fat promotion or you're a seasoned manager (it's a good refresher). Read More >>>