Champion the First Hour of Your Workday

For many of us it's difficult to pull ourselves out of bed the morning, and by the time we walk into the office we're half awake and already overwhelmed by what the day ahead has in store. The first hour of every workday is extremely critical to your success and productivity level for the rest of the day. Everyone has their own way of prioritizing and organizing but if you aim to be successful, Read More >>>

My Monthly Organizer

Incase you hadn't heard, I'm getting married next summer! Planning a wedding is quite a hefty task, even for the most organized individuals. In addition to wedding planning, I'm also starting my MBA at the end of August and continuing to manage and grow Digital District, plus my actual job. It's a lot, to say the least, but I'm not worried (yet). Read More >>>

What to do After You Hit Publish

So you wrote a blog post. Awesome. Now what? It may sound obvious, but no one will ever read your blog post or see your article online if you don't put in effort to share your work. Take responsibility for your blog success by learning how and where to promote your work across the internet. Read More >>>

To Delegate or Not to Delegate?

I've been thinking about this topic for a while, because it has both burned and surprised me so many times I've lost count. What am I talking about? Delegation. Deciding to delegate a task or take it on yourself is a common question leaders and managers face daily. There are pros and cons to both, and making the right decision can sometimes feel impossible! Here are some of the common reasons Read More >>>

Combating Writer’s Block

I've been pretty delinquent this week about writing, but I swear it's not entirely my fault. For the second time in two months the Internet connection in The Bipartisan Compromise has gone out...and stayed out. I've been barely surviving since Monday (joking...kinda), trying to get work done on my iPhone and fighting The Republican for to his iPad since his is 3G and mine isn't. But if I'm Read More >>>