Entrepreneurial Gravitas

Being an Entrepreneur is hard work and it certainly isn't for everyone. Have you ever met an entrepreneur or even a senior manager and just had a feeling they were (or would be) successful? Chances are you felt an affinity toward this person because they oozed natural authority, or gravitas. Read More >>>

How to be a Great Manager

I recently stumbled across an article entitled, How to Tell When a Manger is Really Productive. It's a question I've always struggled with, on both sides of the coin. How do you quantify being a productive manager when your job is essentially to manage others? And from the perspective of your employees, how do you make it seem like you are a valuable piece the team? Read More >>>

Common Mistakes New Managers Make

At some point in our professional lives we move up the ladder and become managers. Managing other people other than yourself is difficult. The best employee can be the worst manager. Just because someone has the ability to complete projects themselves does not mean they have the capacity to manage others. Whether you just landed a fat promotion or you're a seasoned manager (it's a good refresher). Read More >>>

Sustaining Your Team: Dispose of Bad Eggs

I've been meaning to write a follow up to my Creating a Team that is Built to Last post for a while. The original post covered how to set up a team, but I never discussed what to do once you build a team and things don't go as planned. What if one of your team members turns out to be a bad egg? Then what? Read More >>>

The Struggle Between Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I read a fantastic blog the other day on Full Start called, How to bridge the gap between being a good entrepreneur & a good leader. I guess I never truly thought about the personality differences of an entrepreneur and a leader, but it helped shed light on a few dilemmas I've been experiencing recently. Read More >>>