Animated Ambition Turns One

Last summer I had this crazy idea to start a blog, and I'm excited to say, one year later, it's still growing. Happy One Year, Animated Ambition!. Over the past year I've learned a lot about blogging, content development and even myself. Here are four takeaways from one year of blogging. Read More >>>

Personal SEO: Master Googling Yourself

What happens when you google your name? No, really. Google yourself. Everyone should get into the habit of googling themselves every month or so to see what the internet spits out. When you apply to jobs, the first thing someone is going to do is look you up. Knowing what's out there on the internet about you can help you jump ahead of other job candidates. But what if there are not-so-awesome Read More >>>

Running on Empty: How to Motivate Yourself

After months of pushing through HUGE exciting projects, grad applications and a busy social calendar, my brain is fried. Sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk starring at my mile long to-do list and not getting anywhere because I'm mentally exhausted and I can't fathom where to start. You might be able to do this for a day or so, but when it starts to happen consistently, you know you have a Read More >>>

The Struggle Between Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I read a fantastic blog the other day on Full Start called, How to bridge the gap between being a good entrepreneur & a good leader. I guess I never truly thought about the personality differences of an entrepreneur and a leader, but it helped shed light on a few dilemmas I've been experiencing recently. Read More >>>

Building Your Brand: How to Create an Online Presence

This semester Elliot and I are giving a three part guest lecture series at George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs. The series is called: Establishing Your Personal Brand: How a Strategic Online Presence Can Land You a Job Before Graduation. Read More >>>