Entrepreneurial Gravitas

Being an Entrepreneur is hard work and it certainly isn't for everyone. Have you ever met an entrepreneur or even a senior manager and just had a feeling they were (or would be) successful? Chances are you felt an affinity toward this person because they oozed natural authority, or gravitas. Read More >>>

How to be a Great Manager

I recently stumbled across an article entitled, How to Tell When a Manger is Really Productive. It's a question I've always struggled with, on both sides of the coin. How do you quantify being a productive manager when your job is essentially to manage others? And from the perspective of your employees, how do you make it seem like you are a valuable piece the team? Read More >>>

Champion the First Hour of Your Workday

For many of us it's difficult to pull ourselves out of bed the morning, and by the time we walk into the office we're half awake and already overwhelmed by what the day ahead has in store. The first hour of every workday is extremely critical to your success and productivity level for the rest of the day. Everyone has their own way of prioritizing and organizing but if you aim to be successful, Read More >>>

Animated Ambition Turns One

Last summer I had this crazy idea to start a blog, and I'm excited to say, one year later, it's still growing. Happy One Year, Animated Ambition!. Over the past year I've learned a lot about blogging, content development and even myself. Here are four takeaways from one year of blogging. Read More >>>

My Monthly Organizer

Incase you hadn't heard, I'm getting married next summer! Planning a wedding is quite a hefty task, even for the most organized individuals. In addition to wedding planning, I'm also starting my MBA at the end of August and continuing to manage and grow Digital District, plus my actual job. It's a lot, to say the least, but I'm not worried (yet). Read More >>>