In it’s inaugural month, Animated Ambition gained over 1,000 views! The blog is  growing a loyal following, and gaining new readers everyday.  Do you think my readers would like your blog, shop or product?  Advertise with me! Did I mention it’s affordable?  You can either buy or trade* (yes I’m looking for advertising too) the banner sizes or see all of the other options available below.

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At this time I am accepting in-text blog advertisers. If you would like me to embed a link into one of my blog posts (must be relevant, subject to approval) please send me an email with additional information about your request. Pricing is flexible.

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Yes! I am looking for guest bloggers (and I’d love to guest blog for your blog too). Please note I am not looking for guest posts about product promotion or any content including a sales pitch. If you are interested in contributing to Animated Ambition, please shoot me an email.

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