Entrepreneurial Gravitas

Being an Entrepreneur is hard work and it certainly isn’t for everyone. Have you ever met an entrepreneur or even a senior manager and just had a feeling they were (or would be) successful? Chances are you felt an affinity toward this person because they oozed natural authority, or gravitas.


Gravitas is a mysterious word. If you’re interested in reading more about gravitas, check out Lisa Evan’s article, One Skill Most Entrepreneurs Need, But Often Overlook. Gravitas, while a little amorphous in the interpretation, has defining characteristics every aspiring entrepreneur or leader should aspire to achieve. Here are the top five traits as defined by senior leadership:

Common Traits of Entrepreneurial Gravitas


Confidence and Grace

Confidence and grace under pressure are both extremely important to leadership. Leaders and entrepreneurs alike receive disappointing and bad news all the time. Learning to manage your emotions and handle situations with grace will help keep your cool and encourage others to follow.


Leaders need to make decisions and they need to make them often. Not every decision is easy, some come with potential fallout and backlash. Learning to be decisive and stand behind your decisions is critical to gaining trust with those around you. No one wants to report to a wishy-washy manager.


No one wants to feel like their manager or CEO is sleazy. Unfortunately not everyone in business is honest and has the same moral principles. Great entrepreneurs and leaders alike need to have integrity and a strong moral compass to navigate the complications of the business world.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or your ability to read a room is growing in its importance especially as company culture continues to gain traction on the scale of things both employees and employers look for. Emotional intelligence also means being a good listener. Many leaders are great at speaking their mind but not so good at listening to their employees or even consumers opinions. Be decisive in your speech but never forget the importance of lending an ear to those around you.


Having a good reputation goes without saying, but it should not be overlooked in importance. Just because you may leave a company and move on, doesn’t mean your reputation won’t follow you. A great leader leaves a good impression no matter where they go.


Vision is an easy one for entrepreneurs because most are know for their innovative personalities. For those of you looking at gravitas from a leadership prospective it’s important to always have a vision for the future of your company. Without a vision, it’s difficult to inspire others to join in, and push toward a future.

Do you have entrepreneurial gravitas?

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