How to be a Great Manager

I recently stumbled across an article entitled, How to Tell When a Manger is Really Productive. It’s a question I’ve always struggled with, on both sides of the coin. How do you quantify being a productive manager when your job is essentially to manage others? And from the perspective of your employees, how do you make it seem like you are a valuable piece the team?

The Mindset of a Great Manager

Successful employees are eventually promoted to manager, but then what? There is a stark difference between being a great team member and being a successful team manager. The transition is not natural for most people, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all about what it’s like to have a bad manager. We’ve all been there.

The essential duty of a manager is to manage their employees, create strategy and ensure the team is moving forward. A great manager spends their day not on tasks but delegating and check in on others.

Not being a part of projects and completing the ground work is what most managers struggle with. It’s extremely difficult to step back from work you enjoy and watch others fill in the gaps. Many managers overstep their duties and become more hands on, taking tasks away from their employees and overloading themselves to ensure quality work product. To be a successful manager you need to forget about how your productivity appears to others. When you overcommit, you become a micromanager, essentially failing at your job and annoying your employees at the same time.

Be a Coach, Not a Player

Even though a coach isn’t on the field playing, they’re a key part of any team’s success. A manager is essentially the coach of the business world. Being a coach requires managing your employees beyond work tasks and assisting with their professional development. Coach your team by talking to them! Find out about their non-work life, discuss their long term and short term goals and generally be a helpful resource for your employees.

Always remember: Everyone is more successful when they’re happy.

How are you coaching your team?

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