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Incase you hadn’t heard, I’m getting married next summer! Planning a wedding is quite a hefty task, even for the most organized individuals. In addition to wedding planning, I’m also starting my MBA at the end of August and continuing to manage and grow Digital District, plus my actual job. It’s a lot, to say the least, but I’m not worried (yet).

If you’re a to-do list maker like me you’ve probably tried out a ton of different planners and organizers in your life, but never found one that completely fulfilled your needs. I’ve toyed with a bunch but now that I’m getting married and will be on complete overload for the next fourteen months, I decided it was time to design my own monthly organizer. I’ll probably continue to tweak these pages occasionally, but for now, I love it. You can download a full month of my organizer and test it out yourself, or print out only the pages you need. You probably won’t need the bipartisan wedding planning page.

Write all over it, make edits, and tell me what you love and what you’d add! I’m happy to create additional pages by request. Or perhaps something for the boys, that isn’t pink. :)

What’s Inside the Organizer

budgetMonthly Calendar – My days fill up, and for me it’s hard to plan when I don’t have a full view of the month ahead. Never double book lunches again with this blank customizable monthly calendar.

Monthly Budget Sheet – Keeping track of expenses and bill due dates is a hassle, this easy to use budget sheet allows you to budget/track actual expenses and income for the month.

Wedding Prep Doodle Sheet – Literally just a doodle sheet, you never know what ideas will pop up and when!

Wish List – Those shoes are awesome, but what if you can’t afford them right now? Or maybe you know you need a new pair of sunglasses, but not quite yet. I always keep a running list of items I need to buy, whether their a need or a necessity they go on the wish list.

screenshotTo Do + Reading List – Write down everything, so you don’t forget! For items that need to get done but don’t fall on a specific day just yet, write them on the general to do list. I’ve also included a fun space to keep track of your reading list.

Monday – Sunday Planner x4 – A wide and long way to plan out each day of the week. I use the top portion to plan out work tasks/meetings and the fancy bottom box to keep track of afterwork plans. Any to dos that fall on that week get moved from the general list to the weekly to do for daily distribution.

Monday – Sunday Meal Planner & Exercise Tracker x4 – The super planner in me likes to plan out what meals my fiancĂ© and I are having for the week. And now that I’m getting married, I’m tracking all of the meals I eat as well as any days I make time to hit the gym or go for a run.

I hope it helps inspire and organize Don’t forget to Download the monthly organizer and let me know how you like it!

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