Champion the First Hour of Your Workday

For many of us it’s difficult to pull ourselves out of bed the morning, and by the time we walk into the office we’re half awake and already overwhelmed by what the day ahead has in store. The first hour of every workday is extremely critical to your success and productivity level for the rest of the day. Everyone has their own way of prioritizing and organizing but if you aim to be successful, you have to begin the day focused. Check out the full article, 12 Things Successful People Do in the First Hour of the Workday for more ways to set yourself up for success.

Set Your Workday up for Success

Check your Calendar & To Do List
What better way to prepare for the day than to take stock of your meetings, calls and tasks for the day? It’s always a good idea to survey your day and especially take note of any upcoming deadlines, otherwise they might sneak up on you.

Look at the Big Picture
A schedule and task list are only half of the battle. After you review your day, it’s time to look at the bigger picture and strategize. What tasks absolutely need to be completed today? What can wait until later? Can you delegate any of your tasks to the team? Prioritizing is essential for workday success.

Concentrate on You
Timing is everything and the first hour of you day belongs to you! If there are any outstanding conflicts or issues remaining from the day before, wait until everyone is more relaxed (Read: after lunch) to address them.

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Email
Morning: Email. Afternoon: Email. Evening: Email. There are always emails to be read, emails to be answered and emails to be sent. While you should definitely get around to your email, first thing in the morning, simply filter through and flag any important emails that require response. This way you can prioritize your day and not waste valuable peak productivity hours on easy tasks.

Do Something Difficult
We always want to push off the most difficult and time consuming work for later in the day, but the morning is actually the best time to tackle these tasks. Challenge yourself to start a difficult task first thing in the morning. You’ll find you are more focused and your early morning productivity will carry though the rest of the workday.

No Meetings
9am staff meeting? No thanks. There is nothing worse than walking into the office and straight into a meeting. Give yourself at the very least an hour in the office before holding any meetings. Again, the morning is your most focused time of the day, why waste it listening to people yammer on? Get to work!

What other ways do you like to jump start your morning and guarantee a productive workday?

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