Animated Ambition Turns One

Last summer I had this crazy idea to start a blog, and I’m excited to say, one year later, it’s still growing. Happy One Year, Animated Ambition!. Over the past year I’ve learned a lot about blogging, content development and even myself. Here are four takeaways from one year of blogging.

Lessons from Year One

Goals are a moving target

Last year when I started to map out my blog concept I had the brilliant idea to blog every day. I worked out the topics/themes for each day and started to build a content calendar. About a week into it I had already missed three of five posts because NEWSFLASH: writing blogs takes a lot of time and energy.

For a while I tried to get myself back on the five day a week schedule and I succeeded a handful of times but when it came time to start studying for the GRE and writing grad school admissions essays, my blog fell completely off the radar. Once my life settled down I realized my goal was overambitious and just not realistic. Since then I strive to post once a week. Even once a week is a lot but it happens more often than not. The moral of the story is, your goals can be a moving target. Once you find the groove, readjust and don’t beat yourself up about it.

There is so much to write about, there is nothing to write about

When you first start blogging you have ALL THE IDEAS, then after about a month the flow of ideas starts to trickle and eventually, the ideas are all gone. This is where having a content calendar comes into play. Content or editorial calendars allow you to plan out your ideas and show you where a follow up post can be crafted.

I also like to keep track of articles others have written which could inspire a post of my own. Nothing inspires new blog content like reading other’s blog content. Build a workflow and reading list for yourself to prevent your creativity from drying up.

Can’t blog posts just share themselves?

Blogging is two fold. You write the post AND you have to promote it. You could have fabulous content but if no one sees it, it’s essentially worthless. I’ve written about social promotion before, check out my post What to do After You Hit Publish for easy ways to share and automate sharing.

Live your message, even if you have to fake it for now

It’s extremely difficult to keep up a blog on a topic you don’t believe in or practice yourself. Whatever message you promote, make sure you live it. If you aren’t living your blog, or maybe you’re just not there yet, fake it until you make it. A blog, just like you, is always evolving. Evolve with the posts you publish, become a better writer, become a stronger leader and never stop learning.

Happy One year, Animated Ambition!

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