Turn Challenges into Opportunities

I was on the metro the other day and an advertisement caught my eye. It wasn’t particularly clever or well designed but it had a great quote. The advertisement read, “Turn challenges into opportunities, it just takes a different perspective.”

Four Ways to Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Accept Responsibility
We’re not perfect, and the first step to turning challenges into opportunities is accepting and becoming comfortable with our personal limitations. Recognizing you aren’t organized, or you can’t multitask will only help you identify the challenges you need to overcome. These influences, while they can be difficult to address, are not impossible. Until you know yourself and your challenges, you cannot begin to overcome them. Put yourself in the drivers seat and accept responsibility.

Once you start off on a course, especially a negative one, it’s hard to turn back. After accepting responsibility, take the time to research and plan your course of action. Think positively. Nothing in life is set in stone, everything can change. Even you.

For example: I am not one to turn down new clothes, or shoes, or shopping really. In my mind I know I shouldn’t buy new things, but want always takes over and I end up purchasing it anyway. For me, seeing where my money was going was enlightening as was seeing how slim my margin for excess spending was. When I accepted responsibility and took the time to budget my life, I was able to come up with a reasonable action plan moving forward.

It is really easy to take life too seriously. You get busy, the stress piles up and one day you find yourself upset and overreacting to the dumbest situations. We’ve all been there. I am by nature a results driven competitive person so I decided to turn financial responsibility into a game. By gamifying your challenge, it becomes a lot more fun and seems like less work.

How did I make saving fun? I decided to try out the 52 week saving challenge. Starting with just $1 each week you are required to put away an increasing amount ($1, $2, $3…up to $52) until the year is over. By the end of the year you end up with $1,378 without even trying! I keep a log where I get to check off my deposit each week and for me, it’s exciting to see the balance of my saving account rise.

Somethings are Beyond Your Control
Just like we need to accept responsibility for our challenges, we also need to recognize that not everything is within our control. In these cases it’s best to just move on instead of wasting time and energy complaining and/or worrying about it. Always remember there are plenty of challenges you can take on that deserve your positive attention instead!

What challenges are you going to turn into opportunities this week?

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