All the Millennials, Please.

I have a new favorite person, Neil Blumenthal, I’m looking at you. For those of you not familiar with Neil himself, I’m sure you’ve heard of his company, Warby Parker, the eye glass company who gives someone in need a pair of glasses for each pair they sell. Why is he my new favorite? Well, it’s certainly not because I need glasses 20/20 baby. Neil is my new favorite because he actually wrote an article SUPPORTING millennials instead of jumping on the millennial bashing bandwagon like everyone else

Finally. We get one.

We’re entitled and narcissistic, we know, we hear it every day. But for those of you who realize by 2025 75% of the workforce will be Millennial’s, maybe it’s time to look beyond the stereotypes and get to know us as a generation.

Why Millennials Rock

  • A 2010 Pew survey found millennials prioritize helping people in need 21% over a high-paying job 15%
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers survey indicating 86% of millennials would consider leaving an employer if its social-responsibility values no longer matched their own

Huh. We sound pretty cool, don’t we? Doesn’t exactly paint the entitled, narcissus picture does it?

Here is another reason you should get to know us: studies a millennial’s job performance depends heavily on how meaning we perceive our work to be. Read: Millennials are interested in the big picture. We love to work outside our job descriptions and want to make big contributions to your company. We’re also one of the most entrepreneurial generations out there, which also means if we don’t like your company, chances are we’ll go start our own.

The interconnected digital world we have created leaves us craving inclusion. We love to connect and join conversations. Win us over by including us in your conversations. Think about this: next time you’re reading another crappy article about how much millennials suck, would you rather have us working for you, or would you rather compete against us?

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