First is NOT the Worst

Have you ever read an article or watched a commercial for a product or service you dreamt up years ago but someone beat you to the execution? Yeah, me too. On one hand it’s validating someone else liked the idea so much they executed on it, but then again, you lost out on a potential life changing idea.

Why First is Worst

There are many instances in which being second, third or even fourth is more beneficial than being first. Being second gives you the opportunity to learn from the mistakes the other guy made. You have the chance to build upon something instead of building from scratch. For example: Facebook wasn’t the first social networking website, but because they had the opportunity to evolve from sites such as livejournal and myspace, they achieved great success.

People shy away from being first because being a trail blazer is extremely difficult. It takes endless hours of dedication, a dream and of course there is always the risk factor. It takes a special person to be able to turn a new concept into reality, building from the ground up. Being second sounds pretty great, right?

Why First is BEST

You know what I think? SCREW being second. Always strive for first. Yeah it’s a lot of work, and yes you could fall completely flat on your face but nothing beats the feeling you have when something you built from the ground up begins to take off and flourish.

The greatest gift you posses is time. Waiting around for someone else to do the dirty work and create a template for you is a big waste of time. The number two guy doesn’t get the corner office or the big bonus check, or maybe they do, but it’s not as great as being first.

In life, we should all strive to be pioneers and builders. Challenge yourself to turn dreams into reality and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and take risks along the way. Who knows, you could be the first person on Mars, if you put your mind on it. :)

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