Assimilate and Impress Any Organization in 90 Days

It’s a new year and time to start new things. For some of you, you may also be starting or looking to start a new career, or perhaps get involved with a new organization. Whether you’re starting a new job, new classes or just volunteering with a new organization starting over can be tough. Over the years I’ve learned how to assimilate into new organizations quickly and how to start making an impact in a short period of time, (after learning the hard way for a while).

How to Assimilate into Your New Organization Quickly


If you’re starting a new job, there is a reason the company hired you specifically. Starting a volunteer gig? Learn the ins and outs and assess where the gaps are. The quicker you can establish why you’re there and how you can help, the sooner you can start making an impact.


Unless you’re stating out at a super small start up there will be plenty of people at your job new who have no idea who you are or what you do. This happens to me all the time at work. Half the time new people show up and I didn’t event know we were hiring. Know this and address it during your first week or two. It’s okay to humble brag about yourself, but don’t pour it on too thick. Give people context, show your personality and let them know where you came from and what you’re here to do.

Ask Culture Questions

Cracking company culture is the key to long term success. Figure out how to your new co-workers like to communicate. Do they like to have meetings, prefer email or hang out on chat all day? What time does everyone come in? What time do they leave? Where is the best lunch place? Don’t impose your style on a company, learn to adjust to theirs. Not assimilating into company culture can lead to a pretty short stint for you.

Establish Expectations

Expectations are SO important, I can’t stress this enough. Talk through what success looks like to your boss. Find out what is critical to success and what things are of secondary importance. What do you need to learn or improve to help bolster your success? The more clarity the better.

LISTEN first

I’ve been flagged as a shy person so many times in my life I’ve lost count. But what people assume is shyness is actually me observing my surroundings. Don’t jump into something guns blazing, because chances are you’ll piss off people who’ve been there before you or you’ll just be wrong. Save yourself some frustration and LISTEN. Observe. Take in your surroundings. You can learn a lot by just listening, you’ll be shocked by what you pick up. Take some time to listen to those around you, listen to the company culture, listen to their problems and once you get adjusted and gain trust, then you can move in and start to be a problem solver.

It’s important to remember not every job or organization is for you. There have been a few projects I’ve committed to and after a while decided to bow out. It’s important to find projects that align with your personality and work style. This is especially true for volunteer work! It’s okay to try out a few different things before finding your niche.

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