Fight For What You Believe In

fightWorking in an office filled with Gen X’ers can be difficult for any Millennial. It’s predicted by 2025 75% of workers will belong to the Millennial generation but right now we’re stuck at 25%. Read: Low on the totem pole.

We’re Just Ahead of the Curve

Millennials are a generation bent on changing the world. We have great ideas and a ton of energy. Unfortunately for us, many places of business haven’t caught up to our flexible work-life balance or haven’t learned to place their trust in us to complete major projects. Sometimes I feel like a dog who’s running for the door, excited as hell to go outside and then WHAM, my owner slams the door shut. Excitement squashed.

When you have a great idea for a project or really want to take on a new initiative, most of the time, you’ll run into roadblocks. Hitting road blocks means two things to Millennials, we either get pissed off and give up (too many roadblocks and we start to look for a new gig) OR we buck up and fight for it.

Fight for It

Giving up is always easier than fighting, but it doesn’t get you anywhere either. When you fight for something you believe in, you’re essentially putting yourself all the way out there. The success or failure of your new project lies with you. It could be your swan song or it could be a leap up towards bigger and better things. It’s impossible to know from the beginning what the end result will be, but it’s a risk worth taking. Nothing in life comes easy.

Prove Your Worth

It’s easier to get a green light on projects after you’ve proven yourself. But where to start? Start with yourself. Be reliable. Get all your work done plus start innovating within the scope of your job parameters. Fix problems, provide solutions. Be accessible. You don’t have to make a whole lot of noise to get noticed. Great work and dedication do not go unrewarded, it just takes time.

Whether you end your fight battered or victorious at the end of the day, you took a stand and you learned something. Chances are, a no today, could turn into a yes tomorrow. You never know unless you try.

Keep on fighting for what you believe in!

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