Why Opposites Attract

Usually on Friday’s I pull together a link round up of the best articles from the week. Given we had a holiday and my week has been extra packed at work, I haven’t been reading nearly as much as I usually do. That being said, I still want to give you something to think over for the weekend, so I’m writing about a new topic instead.

We’ve all heard the phrase opposites attract. When you think about my relationship with The Republican, it’s clear to see we’re pretty opposite. Obvious political differences aside, many of our interests lay in opposing spectrums as well. He loves sports, and I love art. He reads the news and I read classic literature. The list goes on, and yet somehow we manage to make our relationship work.

Last night during one of our more lively political dinner discussions, he mentioned how my entrepreneurial spirit gives me a different perspective on the world than many other democrats. For once we agreed, but it got me thinking about the crux of our relationship. By nature I’m a creative person. I spent my early years bouncing from dance classes to music lessons. I’ve performed on countless stages in three countries. I also have a passion for writing (makes sense, given this blog, right?), cooking, and I’m a digital marketing professional with a knack for brand development. I love building things, but most of all I love seeing my creations come to life.

On the flip side, The Republican is an organizer, or what usually ends up being the cleaner. His slight (ok intense) OCD makes him an incredibly neat and organized person. He is extremely detail oriented, so much so, sometimes he forgets to eat. If you need something done, he gets it done and gives it 110% of his effort.

Why Opposites Attract

What does this mean in the context of our relationship? It means I make the messes and he cleans them up. Creative people aren’t neat. When I cook, I cook all over the kitchen. When I write, I map out ideas all over my desk. I leave post-its for myself everywhere. I live in creative chaos and I love it. The Republican has more order to his life, and because we live together, he’s always there to push me in the direction of organization. I can no longer leave my pile of clothes on the floor, it has to be put away. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it drives me nuts, but having him in my life fills a void otherwise left empty. Together we push each other to be better people.

The same goes for business. I’m knee-deep in the middle of launching a brand new venture, but I know I would never succeed alone, or even if I had a clone of myself. I’m not shy about being the face of an organization, I’m well versed in making necessary but evil decisions, but I’m not always on top of the paperwork. Luckily I’ve been handed an amazing business partner who, like the republican in my personal life, knows how to sweep up behind me and push me toward organization. Our personalities are completely opposite, but together I hope we go far.

Next time you’re looking for a partner, in life or in business, don’t be afraid to choose someone opposite of you. It could turn out they’re the perfect person to fill a void in your life you never knew you had.

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