Repeat Your Way To Success

repeat for success “Law is reason free from passion”…wait, this isn’t Legally Blonde, wrong Aristotle quote… Let me try that again. “We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle

I’m pretty sure Aristotle’s wise words predate the phrase, You are what you eat but the meaning is approximately the same. Whether you’re doing or just eating, we humans tend to repeat our actions. We just don’t learn, do we? Actions become habits and soon you realize, your stress cigarette has grown into a three a day and you can no longer call yourself a non-smoker. Or that morning donut become a permanent fixture, around your hips. Yikes

Life would be so much simpler if we could live on auto pilot. It would probably also be less fun. But there is a certain attractiveness to having a set routine. When I was still at my old job, going to the gym every day was easy, I literally drove right past it! Now that I work in the city and metro to and from, the gym has since fallen from my routine. Every day I repeat the same bad habit of going home and getting caught up in other things. (Take it from me – don’t repeat this one.)

Repeat for Success

Instead of continuously repeating bad habits, use your powers of repetition for good. Lifehacker has a great article on ways to make GOOD habits stick. The most important, critical, you’ll-never-succeed-without-it step? Repetition of course! Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repeat your way to success.

It takes 30 days for your body to adjust to something new. Thirty days can feel like an eternity, so start small. At the beginning of the year I wrote down a list of things I wanted to work back into my life. Reading and writing for pleasure were both on that list. After I wrote it down, I had to make it a reality. I set myself up for success by purchasing a Kindle and a new web domain.

Reading was definitely easier to implement than writing. Taking the metro back and forth provided the perfect opportunity to get the momentum going, and now, after a few months, I find myself turning off the TV, closing the laptop and reaching for my Kindle instead. Writing is sometimes still a challenge, but every time I hit publish, all the effort instantly becomes worth it.

If you really put your remind to something, you can program yourself to do it. Instead of continuously living bad habits on repeat, force yourself to repeat good habits. Write them down if you have to, or share in the comments! How are you going to use repetition to benefit your life?

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