Reflection on Tragedy

Today has been quite a day. It started off with racist remarks about Miss America being of Indian decent, and continued to escalate with the Navy Yard Shooting, no more than a mile away from my apartment. On top of all this, last week, my home state was rocked with devastation once again, as a fire tore through a portion of the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

I guess that’s the unfortunate thing about getting older. The older you get, the more people and places around you transition from reality to distant memories. It’s difficult to see places you know and love become the background for murderous rampages and tragedies, especially twice in one week. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a force of nature or humanity nature, it hurts all the same. Needless to say, it’s been a really long few days. New Jersey, Boston and now DC. All three of my homes, hit hard by tragedy. And now I can’t help but wonder, what’s next?

The craziest thing about today’s events is, for a while, I forgot it wasn’t just a normal day in DC. When I remembered it had been hours since I last heard an update, I was horrified at myself. There was a mass shooting and live investigation happening just blocks from my home and I forgot about it. That’s insane.

As a Nation, our insensitivity to tragic events is something worth noting. When did we (myself included) become so engrossed in our own lives we started blocking out the world? My week has been filled with acknowledgment and numbness.

Reflection on Tragedy

When tragedies rock your life, the only thing you can do is reflect on the positive. This world is filled with evil, but there is plenty of good too. None of these recent tragedies resulted in the loss of a loved one, for that I am beyond grateful. In life, we must continue on, but never forget.

My thoughts are with the families of those affected by today’s Navy Yard Shooting and last week’s Jersey Shore fire.

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