On Letting Go and Having Faith

I don’t know about you, but when I get a piece of bad/frustrating news I react in two distinct ways. My initial reaction is to get really mad and continuously talk about it to anyone who will listen, (thanks mom!). But after about 30 minutes I wear myself out and switch to reaction two: complete disengagement, (thanks Dad!). My parents balance each other out, and having inherited both of their traits, I self correct in times of high stress.

After years and years of looking down upon high stress situations from leadership roles, there is one thing I have never quite mastered: having faith. I can let go of pretty much any situation, but I never have faith things will work out on their own. One of my best and worst leadership traits is my ability to take on entire projects myself. In absence of teamwork and commitment, I inevitably step up and make things happen.

Have Faith

No matter how much you prepare or how hard you work, something will always go wrong. It might not be anyone’s fault, but that’s just the way life goes. This week I was put in an extremely frustrating situation. I’d built great teams, put every provision in place and still things weren’t going my way. Like usual I revered to my dual reaction and by mid-afternoon, I was completely over the situation. When the situation is planning an event, it’s really hard to have faith things will work out. Anytime you have to present or market to other people, you always want to put your best foot forward. I, however, was over it. I’d moved mountains before and I didn’t feel like being Hercules again.

This time I had people around me urging me to have faith. It will all work out they said… (yea ok, I’ve heard that one before.) But this time, for some reason, I listened. I gave the people around me a chance to prove themselves, I had faith they would succeed. Much to my surprise things did work out (or at the very least are on their way toward succeeding.)

I’m not going to let this one small victory lead me down the dangerous path of complete faith, but I will take it as a sign that sometimes maybe it’s ok to let other people pick up the slack. With less minutia on my plate I can make way for bigger, more awesome projects, and really that’s my ultimate goal.

So will you join me in having a little faith?

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