Learning by Fire

Bipartisan Doggy - ZooeyIt’s been a full week since I’ve blogged. I hate not having the time to write every day, but a lot of big things have happened in the past seven days, I’ve been busy learning by fire. Last monday I officially signed up for the GRE and yesterday The Republican and I adopted a 2 year old German Shepard-Pit Bull Mix from the Washington Humane Society. Meet Zooey.

Studying for the GRE and raising a dog, two things I’ve never done in my life and now they’ve been thrown at me, willingly. Yeah, I signed up for this. There is a huge learning curve for both. Now maybe I’ve taken it to the extreme, but I firmly believe everyone needs to push themselves beyond their comfort zone every now and again.

This past year, a lot of awesome things have happened. I have tons of cool projects on the horizon, but nothing has pushed me to a new level. Let me tell you, caring for a rescue pup is a whole new level. Every time she does something, I’m worried she’s sick. I have no idea how to get her to stop running or how to leave squirrels, humans or pretty much anything that moves alone. She peed on the floor, twice. It’s all so new, but every minute I learn something new about not only my pup, but myself. I’m in a new normal.

Learning by Fire

So maybe signing up for the GRE the same week you adopt a dog is a little crazy. You know yourself well enough to determine how much you can handle at once. If you find in your life, everything is going well, shake it up a little! It might not be a dog, or grad school that pushes you to the next level, but maybe it’s signing up for your first race, or learning sign language.

You only live once. A life of comfort is fine if you want to be average, but a life of continuous learning will lead you down an exciting path. So get out there and push yourself. Learn as you go and make like worth it.

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