Weekly Inspiration: Water for Thought

I’m sure you’ve heard of food for thought, but probably not water for thought. Well, I just made it up and it’s a thing now. (Stop trying to make fetch happen…)

I never realized my lifelong connection to water until I started looking at colleges. I grew up next to a lake and spent many hours tromping around in the adjacent river. Being from New Jersey, I spent my summers at the Shore. After visiting a fair number of colleges it occurred to me I had only selected schools residing on a body of water. I ended up settling on Boston University and spent four amazing years living between the Charles River and the Boston Harbor.

After college I moved to Washington, DC and now reside near a whole boat load of rivers and of course, the Tidal Basin. I could never move away from the coast, I just love being near the water too much. I often find myself drawn toward water, which is funny because I’m not the best swimmer.

Daily Inspiration: Water

Water and especially the smell of salt water settle my mind. Whenever I need to unplug for a few minutes at work or dig deep for inspiration, I take a walk down to the harbor and sit by the water. Tourists or not, I still find the it relaxing. Some of my best work I’ve dreamed up next to a body of water.

What setting inspires you?

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