Rant of the Day: All Millennials Are NOT Stupid

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING drive me crazier than people looking down on me, or people my age (read: Millennials) just because we’re young. It happens to me constantly in DC. It’s annoying, I’ll say that much. People shouldn’t be recognized by their age but by their ambition, drive and experience. Newsflash: Some Millennials are kicking butt, daily. Get to know us.

What brings me to today’s rant is a comment my boyfriend made to me over chat. He’s almost 29, but still a millennial, so he should know better than to generalize (especially to me). He was sharing his frustration over a job applicant who canceled an interview last minute because he had started a job somewhere else. The kid had started the other position over a week ago, but only just canceled. I guess he wanted to keep his options open, but decided against it. Either way, he was in the wrong to wait, it was stupid on his part. I agree. But what drove me nuts was the republican’s comment back, he told me all young people are stupid. WRONG.

There are some really stupid people in this world, but trust me when I say, they’re not all Millennials. Stupid doesn’t age discriminate, and neither should you.

Over the years people become jaded, they run out of ideas, they’ve seen it and done it all. Who better to spice up the office than a Millennial? We have fresh ideas, we want to succeed and we want to make an impact. Give us a shot, I can’t say it enough. Sometimes ambition is worth more than a few extra birthdays.

Please remember, we’re not all the same. Some of us are stupid, but so are some of YOU. The fact of the matter is, everyone deserves the chance to prove themselves. Dig a little deeper, get to know us first and please, please, please stop with the stereotyping!

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