How to Approach the Toughest Task: Leadership

Leadership can be tough when you’re low on the totem poll, scratch that, leadership is hard, period. Leadership is a daily sacrifice filled with tough, unpopular decisions. You win somedays and you lose many more. It’s a roller coaster to say the least, but hopefully at the end of the day, you end up back on top and pushing toward the end goal of success.

As a millennial in the work place, stepping up into a leadership role can be daunting. We’re constantly reminded of our lack of experience or what usually ends up really being a lack of birthdays, aka age. So maybe we don’t have 20 years of professional experience, but that doesn’t disqualify us from being a great leader.

Every work situation is unique, you know better than I what you can and can’t do in your journey toward a leadership role, but something every leader or potential leader should consistently do is constantly learn and evolve. I read tons of blogs and articles every day with the purpose of learning as many new things as I can. I read, digest, and implement the good stuff into my daily life. Don’t forget I share all my favorite articles from the week on Fridays. (Catch up on last week’s link round up here)

Yesterday I stumbled upon a great infographic on Inc. called, How the Inc. 500 Approach Leadership. I highly encourage you to check out the article for yourself.

Setting Yourself Up For Leadership

Out of the CEOs Inc. polled they listed: Trustworthy, Sincere and Capacity to Inspire as the top three traits for great leaders. You know what fell to the bottom of the list? Expertise. According to these successful entrepreneurs you can succeed without being an expert. Great news for the Millennial generation. What we lack in expertise, we make up for with ambition and inspiration.

What do you do with this new information? Build your work persona around it! Be trustworthy. Always be sincere, and have the capacity to inspire those around you. You don’t have to become a beacon of inspiration for the entire company or innovate a new product, but you can be a source of inspiration for your team or department. Be trustworthy by: always being on time, completing your projects and reaching out for more work when you have the capacity. New projects = new experience. Don’t be afraid to take on something new just because it’s not your expertise, learn as you go.

Finally, be sincere. When someone asks for your opinion, don’t be afraid to tell them you don’t like something. They asked for a reason, right? The key to sincerity is not just offering your opinion, but backing up your opinion with suggestions. Anyone can identify a problem, but not everyone will go the extra mile to come up with a solution.

Trustworthy, Sincere, Inspire. Think you can do it?

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