Friday Link Round Up: August 16

Happy Friday! I’ve always been fascinated by what other people read for inspiration. In today’s world there is such a wealth of knowledge on the internet, it can be intimidating. Information overload. That’s why I’ve decided to share the wealth! If you’re interested in my writing than you’ll love what these other bloggers have to say. Here’s to an inspired weekend.

Friday Link Round Up

Why Brainstorming is a Waste of Time and What You Should Do Instead
The brain doesn’t make optimal connections in a rigid atmosphere. YES! A truer statement has never been made about creativity. This article provides great insight to activities other than the dreaded brainstorming session which allow your brain to think creatively. Here is a great follow up read from my blog, Unleashing Your Unnecessary Creative

A Simple Method For Insanely Productive Meetings
There is nothing worse than walking into a meeting unprepared. Don’t waste your valuable time floundering around: prepare, conquer and get back to work quickly.

Make Your Side Projects Wildly Successful
Thinking about taking on a side project? Already have one but feeling a little lost? This article provides great insights on getting your side projects on track and bolstering their success.

How to Make Your First $100 as a Freelance Writer
Not everyone is a gifted writer, but if you are it’s a great opportunity to rake in some additional cash. This article has an amazing how-to and great resources for getting your freelancing gig off the ground.

The Top 7 Mindset Secrets for Success
“Inspiration is negotiable. But taking ACTION and getting your sh*t done is NOT.” Great quote and a great article on how to program your mind for success. Definitely worth a read.

Happy Friday Reading! If you were inspired by any blogs this week or you wrote something inspiring feel free to leave links in the comments! Maybe you’ll make the list next Friday!

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