Forget the App, Use Your Desktop

There’s an app for everything, but sometimes I feel like more often than not, I get sucked into downloading the hottest new app and then forgetting about it 5 minutes later. If you’re one of those people, like me, that is constantly searching for a simple solution to your digital organization needs look no further than your desktop.

I pull things off the internet all the time, and then they sit on my desktop…forever. I’m just too lazy to file things immediately. I also hope like I do about my Pinterest boards, if the images/files keep staring back at me, I’ll eventually find the time to use them. (Like this adorable message board, I swear one day I’ll make it)

Desktop Zero

Finally after getting sick of looking my desk top full of images and documents, I decided I had to do something. That’s when I decided to clean off my desktop and trash or file everything. My desktop was clean for about 2 minutes before I started pulling new images and files off the internet. Well now what?

I decided to start utilziing my desktop to keep track of my daily thoughts. All day I pull things: graphics, memes, copy, pretty much whatever I see that strikes my fancy and I plop it onto my desktop. At the end of the day I sort though everything and file in their approrpaite places. Whether its into a file or pined to a pinterest board for future reference, it has to get off the desktop.

It especially works well for my personal projects that don’t have deadlines. Think of your desktop management as the new inbox zero. Can you reach desktop zero?

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