Combating Writer’s Block

I’ve been pretty delinquent this week about writing, but I swear it’s not entirely my fault. For the second time in two months the Internet connection in The Bipartisan Compromise has gone out…and stayed out. I’ve been barely surviving since Monday (joking…kinda), trying to get work done on my iPhone and fighting The Republican for to his iPad since his is 3G and mine isn’t.

But if I’m being honest, not having Internet at home is only half the issue. Obviously I’m well connected during the day at work and writing a blog post doesn’t require the Internet, it just requires focus. Had I hit the dreaded writer’s block?

I started this blog a month ago as a follow through to a promise I made myself to start writing more. Write more: CHECK. I began writing these posts based on ideas that had been living in my head for a while, but after a few weeks of constantly publishing, my ideas ran dry. Well, now what? I built and invested time and money into this blog. I’m working on building an audience and relationships with other bloggers, but nobody is going to care about my blog if I don’t have anything to say!

Hitting writer’s block at the beginning of the week made me realize I need to be more prepared. Recently I’ve begun to work on a new long term project, I’m about ready to jump into studying for the GRE, and not to mention I work full time. As you can imagine, my days are packed to the brim. I just don’t have the time I did a month ago to sit at my desk and pop out a blog post each morning.

Combating Writer’s Block

I’m working on re-launching a lifestyle blog for my day job and in the process I created a content calendar (duh). It’s the best way for content creators and curators to keep track of the content types, links, times, networks, basically everything all in one neat excel doc. Then I realized I had failed to create a content calendar for THIS blog. Just because this is a personal project doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be as organized as I am for my work projects!

I haven’t gotten around to filling in the calendar yet, I hope the long weekend will provide not only a stable Internet connection but time to concentrate on future blog plans.

Interested in what my content calendar looks like? Download it here. It’s based off a calendar created by Web.Search.Social. They’ve written a full article explaining the meaning and purpose behind each row/column, you can read their full article here.

Happy content managing!

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