Anything’s Possible if You’ve Got Enough Nerve

Today is Harry Potters 33rd birthday (if he were real of course) and famed author JK Rowling’s actual 48th birthday. I thought it was only fitting to base today’s post on a quote from Harry Potter, because I’m nerdy like that.

In my all time favorite HP novel, Order of the Phoenix, Ginny tells Harry, “Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” I couldn’t agree more. I know we’re not battling the dark lord (or maybe you are, bosses can be cruel sometimes) but her quote rings true even for us muggles.

Most of us will spend our lives working our butts off to achieve someone else’s goal. When you’re facing deadlines, stress, obstacles and just life in general, sometimes you can get a little lost, weighed down. Getting somewhere takes long hours, hard work and perseverance. You should never stop pushing forward in your career, but remember to keep track of your own goals. Write them down if you have to (I do). Crossing something off my personal goal list is 1000x more satisfying than finishing my work to do list because these tasks are helping me shape my life the way I want to live.

Everyday, strive to make yourself a better person both personally and professionally because you want to not because it’s required. If you’re not satisfied with yourself, the only person to blame is staring back at you in the mirror.

Don’t like your current situation? Find the nerve and do something about it.

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